Pada postingna kali ini admin akan mencoba menjelaskan tentang future time dalam bahasa inggris dengan mudah. Future time adalah salah satu grammar untuk menunjukkan waktu yang akan datang. Admin memberikan banyak latihan agar lebih mudah dan cepat memahami future time. Di bawah ini latihan 3 dan 4 untuk memahami future time



Exercise 3: combine the ideas of the two sentences into one sentences by using “if clause”

1. Example: Possible condition: maybe it will rain tomorrow
Result: I’ going to stay home
Answer: if it rains tomorrow, I’m going to stay home.
I’m going to stay home if it rains tomorrow

2. Possible condition: maybe it will be hot tomorrow
Result: I’m going to go tomorrow

3. Possible condition: maybe it will snow tomorrow
Result: Elizabeth isn’t going to ride her bike to school

4. Possible condition: maybe I will have enough money
Result: I’m going to Hawaii for my vacation

2. if it be hots tomorrow, I’m going to go swimming
3. if it snows tomorrow, Elizabeth isn’t going to ride her bike to school
4. if it haves enough money, I’m going to Hawaii for my vacation

Exercise 4: review of time clauses and “if clause”. Complete the sentences by using a form of the words and parentheses. Read carefully for time expressions

1. Example: A. before Tom (go) goes to bed, he always (brush) brushes his teeth
b. before Tom (go) … to bed later tonight, he (write) … a letter to his girlfriend
c. before Tom (go) … to bed last night, he (take) … a shower
d. while Tom (take) toke a shower last night, the phone (ring) rang
e. as soon as the phone (ring) … last night, Tom (jump) … out of the shower to answer it
f. as soon as Tom (get) … up tomorrow morning, he (brush) … his teeth
g. tom always (brush) …his teeth as soon as he (get) … up

2. a. after I (get) … home from school every afternoon, I usually (drink) … a cup of tea
b. after I (get) … home from school tomorrow afternoon, I (drink) … a cup of tea
c. after I (get) … home from school yesterday. I (drink) … a cup of tea
d. while I )drink) … a cup of tea yesterday afternoon, my neighbor (come) … over, so I (offer) … her a cup of tea, too
e. my neighbor (drop) … over again tomorrow. When she (come) …, I (make) … a cup of tea for her

3. jane (meet) … me at the airport when my plane (arrive) … tomorrow

4. if I (see) … Mike tomorrow, I (tell) … him about the party

5. I go to New York often. When I (be) … in New York, I usually (see) … a broadway play

6. when I (be) … in new york next week, I (stay) … at the park plaza hotel

7. jack (watch) … a football game on tv righ now. As soon as the game (be) … over, he (mow) … the glass in the black yard

8. cindy and I (go) … to the beach tomorrow if the weather (be) … warm and sunny

9. as soon as the test (be) … over in class yesterday, the students (leave) … the room

10. as soon as I (get) … home every day, my children always (run) … to the door to meet me


1. b. goes, writes
c. went, toke
d. toke, rang
e. rang, jumped
f. will get, will brush
g. brush, gets

2. a. get, drink
b. will get, will drink
c. got, drank
d. drunk, came, offered
e. will drop, will came, will make

3. will meet, will arrive

4. will see, will tell

5. am, see

6. going to, will stay

7. watching, being, mowing

8. will go, will be

9. was, left

10. get, run

Demikianlah sedikit penjelasan admin tentang future time. Dan admin berikan latihan 3 dan 4 di atas semoga lebih cepat lagi memahami future time. Silahkan berikan kritik dan saran di kolom komentar agar blog admin bias berkembang.

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