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Easy Future Time Exersice 5

Pada postingna kali ini admin akan mencoba menjelaskan tentang future time dalam bahasa inggris dengan mudah. Apakah anda ingat apa itu future time? Future time adalah salah satu grammar untuk menunjukkan waktu yang akan datang atau kegiatan yang akan dilakukan. Biasa menggunakan kata akan (will) dan menggunakan kata kerja pertama (verb 1). Dan Admin akan memberikan latihan 5 agar lebih mudah dan cepat memahami future time.


Easy Future Time Exersice 5

Jum makes his bed and cleans up his room every morning
Often a subject has two verbs
Which are connected by and. This is called parallel structure:
Verb+and+verb= parallel structure

Ann is cooking dinner and (is) talking on the phone at the same time
We will stay home and (will) study tonight
I am going to stay home and (Am going to) study tonight
It is not necessary to repeat a helping verb when two verbs are connected by and

Exersice 5: complete the sentences by using a form of the words in parentheses

1. When a (walk) … into the living room yesterday evening, grandpa (read) … a newspaper and (smoke) … his pipe

2. Helen will graduate next semester. She (move) … to new York city and (look) … for a job after she (graduate) …

3. Every day my neighbor (call) … me on the phone and (complain) … about the weather

4. Look at Ann! She (Cry) … and I (laugh) … at the same time. I wonder if she is happy or sad

5. I’m beat! I can’t wait to get home. After I (get) … home, I (take) … a hot shower and (go) … straight to bed

6. Yesterday my dog (dig) … a hole in the park yard and (burry) … a bone

7. I’m tired of this cold weather. As soon as spring (come) …, I (play) … tens and (job) … in the park as often as possible

1. Walked, read, smoked
2. Will move, will look, will graduate
3. Calls, complains
4. Cring, laughing
5. Get, take, go
6. Dug, buried
7. Come, play, jog

Demikianlah sedikit penjelasan admin dan latihan 5 tentang future time. Semoga pada postingan kali ini bisa dengan mudah dipahami. Silahkan berikan kesimpulan dari latihan 5 di atas agar admin bisa terhubung dengan pembaca dan bagikan blog admin di facebook, instagram dan sosmed yang pembaca miliki.

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