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Memahami PAST TIME dengan mudah bagian 3

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Pada postingan kali ini admin akan melanjutkan menjelaskan mengenai past time pada tenses. simakla penjelasan di bawah ini

Memahami PAST TIME dengan mudah bagian 3

Expressing past time: the simple past and the past progressive
The past progressive

I was working
He was working
She was working
It was working
You were working
We were working
They were working

I wasn’t working
He wasn’t working
She wasn’t working
It wasn’t working
You weren’t working
We weren’t working
They weren’t working

Was I working
Was he working
Was she working
Was it working
Were you working
Were we working
Were they working

Yes, I was
Yes, he was
Yes, she was
Yes, it was
Yes, you were
Yes, we were
Yes, they were

No, I wasn’t
No, he wasn’t
No, she wasn’t
No. It wasn’t
No, you weren’t
No, we weren’t
No, they weren’t

Exercise 5: complete the sentences with words in parentheses. use the simple past or past progressive 
1. At 6:00 p.m. Bob sat down at the table and began to gat. At 6:05 Bob (eat) .... 
2. While Bob (eat) .... dinner, Ann (come) .... through the door 
3. In other words, when Ann (come) .... through the door, Bob (eat) .... dinner 
4. Bob went to bed at 10:30 Bob (sleep) .... 
5. While Bob (sleep) ...., the phone (ring) .... 
6. In other words, when the phone (ring) .... Bob (sleep) .... 
7. Bob left his house at 8:00 a.m. and began to walk to class. While he (walk) .... to class, he (see) .... Mrs. Smith 
8. When Bob (see) .... Mrs. Smith, she (sweep) .... her front porch 
9. Sally (eat) .... dinner last night when someone (knock) .... on the door 
10. I began to study at seven last night. Fred (come) .... at seven-thirty. I (study) .... when Fred (come).... 
11. While I (study) .... last night, Fred (drop by) .... to visid me 
12. My roommate’s parents (call) .... him last night while we (watch) .... TV 
13. My mother called me around five. My husband came home a little after five. When he (come) .... home, I (talk) .... to my mother on the phone 

1. was eating
2. was eating, came
3. came, was eating
4. sleep
5. sleeping, rung
6. was ringing, sleep
7. walked, saw
8. was seeing, was sweeping
9. ate, knoked
10. came, was studing, came
11. studied, was droped by
12. called, were watching
13. was coming, was talking

Bagaimana? Apakah pembaca sudah bisa memahami semua penjelasan admin mengenai past time pada postingan kali ini. Silahkan berikan saran dan komentar

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