Memahami PAST TIME dengan mudah

Pada postingan kali ini admin akan membagikan ilmu bahasa inggris dalam memahami past time. Dalam belajar bahasa inggris kita akan mempelajari tenses, past time adalah salah satu tenses yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan kejadian masa lampau.  Di bawah ini adalah soal dan jawaban mengenai past time. Agar kita bisa lebih memahami past time dalam tenses dengan mudah, simakla dan pahamilah

Memahami PAST TIME dengan mudah

Exercise 1: irregular verbs: complete the sentences by usng the simple past of the given verbs. Use each verb only one time. All of the verbs have irregular past forms. 

Begin, go, read 
Cut, hold, shake 
Drink, keep, shut 
Eat, lose, speak 
Find, meet, spend 

1. Sue drank a cup coffe before class this morning 
2. We .... dinner at a Mexican retaurant last night 
3. When it .... to rain yestsrday afternoon, I .... all of the windows in the apartment 
4. Bob hurt his finger when he was fixing his dinner last night. He accidentally .... it with a sharp knife 
5. I don’t have any money in my pocket at all. I .... my last dime yesterday. I’m flat broken 
6. Mary didn’t throw her old shoes away. She .... them 
7. I .... an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday 
8. Jack .... his pocketknifeat the park yesterday. This moring he .... back to the park to look for it. Finally he .... it in the glass. He was glad to have it back again 
9. Peter was nervous when he .... his baby in his arms for the first time 
10. I .... Sue’s parent when they visited her. She introduced me to them 
11. Yesterday I called Marvin on the phone. He wasn’t home, so I .... to his sister 
12. When I introduced Tom to Bob, they .... hands 

1. Drank 
2. Ate 
3. Began, Kept 
4. Cut 
5. Lose 
6. Kept 
7. Read 
8. Lose, came, fond 
9. Hold 
10. Met 
11. Spoke 
12. Shoke 

Exercise 2. Irregular verbs: complete the sentences by using the simple past of the given verbs. Use each verb only one time. All of the verbs have irregular past forms 

Bite, feel, leave 
Draw, forget, lend 
Drive, get, ride 
Fall, hear, steal 
Feed, hurt, take 

1. Marry walked to school today. Sue drove her car. Alice .... her bicycle. Sandy.... te bus 
2. When Alan slipped on the icy sidewalk yesterday, he .... down and .... his back. His back is very painful today 
3. I didn’t have any money yesterday, so my roommate .... me five bucks 
4. The children had a good time at the park yesterday. They .... the ducks small pieces of bread 
5. Alice called the police yesteday because someone .... her bicycle while she was in the library studying. She’s very angry 
6. Dick .... his apartment in a hurry this morning because he was late for school. That’s why he .... to bring his books to class 
7. The children .... picture in art class yesterday 
8. I have a cold. Yesterday I .... terrible, but I’m feeling better today 
9. Last night I .... a strange noise in the house around 2:00 a.m. so I .... up to investigate 
10. My dog isn’t very friendly. Yesterday she .... my neighbor’s leg. Luckily, my dog is very old and doesn’t have sharp teeth 

1. Rode, took 
2. Fart, hurt 
3. lent
4. fed 
5. Stole 
6. Left, Forget 
7. Drew 
8. Fell 
9. Heard, Got 
10. bit

Jawaban dari soal past time di atas adalah mengubah verb ke bentuk kedua. Apakah kamu mengalami kesulitan untuk memahaminya? Jika ada pertanyaan silahkan tinggalkan dikolom komentar, semoga postingan admin bisa membantu pembaca untuk memahami past time. Terima kasih

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