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Memahami PAST TIME dengan mudah bagian 2

Exercise 3: irregular verbs: complete the sentences by using the simple past of the given verbs. Use each verb only one time. All of the verbs have irregular past forms. 
Break, dig, teach
Bring, freeze, think
Buy, ring, wake
Catch, rise, wear
Come, sleep, write

1. I dropped my favorite vase, it fell to the floor and .... into a hundred pieces
2. When I went shopping yesterday, I .... some light bulbs and a cooking pot
3. Alex .... his books to class this morning. He didn’t forget them
4. My brother and his wife .... to our apartment for dinner last night
5. Last night around midnight, when I was sounds asleep, the telephone ..... it .... me up
6. The sun .... at 6:04 this morning
7. I .... a letter to my folks after I finished studying yesterday evening
8. Mr. Manning .... chemistry at the local high school last year
9. The police ... the bank robbers. The robbers are in jail now
10. Last night I has a good night’s sleep. I .... for nine hours
11. Today Paul is wearing slacks and a sports jacket, but yesterday he .... jeans and a sweatshirt to class
12. It was really cold yesterday. The temperature was around -3⁰ F/-20⁰ C. I nearly .... to death when I walked home! 
13. I .... about going to Florida for my vacation, but I finally decided to go to Puerto Rico
14. My dog .... a hole in the yard and buried his bone

1. Broke
2. Bought
3. Brough
4. Came
5. Rang, woke
6. Rose
7. Wrote
8. Touch
9. Coutch
10. Slep
11. Wore
12. Freezen
13. Tough
14. Dug

Exercise 4 complete the following dialogues. Use the words in parentheses. Give short answers to questions where necessary
1. A: (you, go) did you go to class yesterday?
B: No, I didn’t feel good 

2. A: (you, sleep) .... well last night?
B: yes, .... I (sleep) .... very well 

3. A: (Tom’s plane, arrive) .... on time yesterday?
B: yes, .... it (get in) .... at 6:05 on the dot 

4. A: (you, stay) .... home and (study) ...
B: No, .... I (go) .... to a new movie, the valley of the vampires
A: (you, like) .... it
B: it was okay, I guess, but I don’t really like horror movies 

5. A: (Mary, study) .... last night? 
B: No, .... she (watch) .... TV 

6. A: (Mark Twin, write) .... Tom Sawyer? 
B: yes, ..... he also (write) .... Huckleberry Finn 

7. A: (the children, go) .... to the zoo yesterday?
B: yes, ..... and they (have) .... wonderful time

8. A: (you, eat) .... breakfast this morning?
B: No, ..... I (have, not) .... enough time. I was late for class because my alarm clock (ring, not) ....

1. Did you go
I didn’t feel

2. Did you sleep
I did, sleep

3. Did Tom’s plane arrive
I did, got in

4. Did you stay, study
I didn’t, went
Did you like

5. Did Marry study
she didn’t, watched

6. Did Mark Twin write
He did, wrote

7. Did the children go
They did, had

8. Did you eat
I did, hadn’t, didn’t rung

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