Memahami Present Tense Dengan Mudah Part 2

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Nonprogressive Verb

I hear abird. It is singing
I'm hungry.I want a sandwich

Some verb are not used in the present progress.
Correct: I hear a bird (right now)
Incorrect: I am hearing a bird

Nonprogressive verb:
Be, hear, prefer
Believe, know, see
Belong, like,thing
Hate, love, understand
Have, need, want

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences by using the words in parentheses.Use the simple present or the present progressive.
  1. Right now Yoko (read)... an article in the newpaper, but she (understand, not)... it. Some of the vocabulary (be)...too difficul for her.
  2. Right now I (look)... at  the board. I (see)...some words on the board.
  3. I (need)... to call my parents today and tell them about my new apartment. They can't me bacause they (know, not)...my new phone number.
  4. This tea is good. I (like)...it. What kind is it? I (prefer)... tea to coffee. How about you?
  5. Sam is at the library. He (sit)...at a table. He (write)...a coposition. He (use)...a dictionary to look up the spelling of some words. The dictionary (belong, not)...to him. It (belong)...to his roommate. Sam (look)...up words in the dictionary because he (want)...to make sure that he doesn't misspell any words.
  6. Right now the children (be)...at the beach. They (have)...a good time. They (have)...a beach ball, and they (play)...catch with it. They (like)...to play catch. Their parents (sunbathe).... They (try)...to get a tan. They (listen)...to some music on transistor radio. They also (hear)...the sound of sea gulls and the sounds of the waves.
  7. Right now I (thing)...about sea gulls and waves.
  8. I (thing)...that sea gulls are beautiful birds.

  1. is reading. doesn't understand
  2. am looking. see
  3. need. don't know
  4. like. prefer
  5. is sits. is writing. is using. don't belong. belongs. is looking. want
  6. be. have. have. are playing. like. are sunbathing. are tring. are listening. hear
  7. thing
  8. thing

Exeercise 2: Complete the following dialouges by using the words in parentheses. Also give short answers to the questions as necessary. Use the simple present or the present progressive.

1. A: (Mary, have) ... a bicycle?
B: Yes, .... She (have)...a ten spead bike.

2. A: (it, rain)...right now?
B: No, it.... At least, I (thing, not)...so

3. A: (you, like)...sour oranges?
B: No, I .... I (like) ... sweet ones.

4. A: (your friends. write) ... a lot of letters?
B: Yes, ... I (get) ... lots of letters all the time.

5. A: (the students, take) ... a test in class right now?
B: No, .... They (do) ... an exercise.

6. A: (your desk, have) ... any drawers?
B: Yes, .... It (have) ... six drawers.

7. A: (you, know) ... Tom Adam?
B: No, ... I've never met him.

8. A: (jean, study) ... at the library this evening?
B: No, .... She (be) ... at the student union. She (play) ... poll with her boyfriend.

A: (Jean, play) ... poll every evening?
B: No, .... She usually (study) ... at the library.

A:(she, be) ... a good poll player?
B:Yes, .... She (play) ... poll a lot.

A: (you, know) ... how to play pool?
B: Yes, .... But I (be, not) ... very good.

1. A. does Mary have
B. she does. has

2. A. is it raining
B. is. don't thing

3. A. do you like
B. don't like. like

4. A. do your friends write
B. I do. get

5. A. Are the studentd taking
B. they aren't. fo

6. A. do you have
B. I do. has

7. A. do you know
B. i don't know

8. A. does Jean study
B. she doesn't study. is. plays
A. does Jean play
B. she doesn't. studys
A. is she
B. she is. plays
A. do you know
B. I do. am not

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