Memahami Present Tense Dengan Mudah Part 1

Memahami Present Tense Dengan Mudah Part 1, Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan tentang Memahami Present Tense Dengan Mudah Part 1, berikut dibawah ini penjelasannya.

Expressing Present Time:

Form Of The Simple Present
Form Of The Present Progressive


Exercise: Complete the sentences by using the words in parentheses. Use the simple present or the present progressive

  1. Shhh. The baby (sleep) ..... The baby (sleep) .... for ten hours every night.
  2. Right now I'm in class. I (sit) .... at my desk. I usually (sit) .... at the same desk in class every day.
  3. Ali (speak) .... Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he (speak) .... English.
  4. Our teacher (stand up, not) .... right now. She (sit) .... onthe corner of her desk.
  5. It's 6:00 pm. Mary is at home. She (eat) .... dinner. She always (eat) .... diner with her family around six o'clock.
  6. Alice (take, not) .... the bus to school every day. She usually (walk) .... instead.
  7. It (rain, not) .... right now. The sun (shine) .....
  8. It's 7:30 am and the Wilson are in their kitchen. Mrs. Wilson (sit) .... at the brakfast table. She (read) .... the moring paper. She (read) .... the newspaper every morning. Mr. Wilson (pour) .... a cup of coffee. He (drink) .... two cups of coffee every morning before he (go) .... to work. There is a cartoon on TV, but the children (watch, not) .... it. They (p;ay) .... with their toy instead. They usually (watch) .... cartoons in the morning, but this morning they (pay, not) .... ani attention to the TV, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson (watch, not) .... the TV either. They (like, not) .... to watch cartoons.

1. is sleeping . sleeps
2. am sitting . sit
3. speaks . is speaking
4. is not . sits
5. is eating . eats
6. doesn't take . walks
7. is not rainning . shines
8. is sitting . reads . reads . is pouring . drinks . goes . don't watch . are playing . watch . are not paying . doesn't watching . don't like

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